Modular Benjolin

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Thanks for putting these schematics up, the different circuits look like they`ll be useful for many projects. The CV section alone, is vastly usable. Brilliant! I am in the very beginning stages of making a mighty benjolin PCB with Rob himself. I`m crossing my fingers that it will all come together in a timely fashion. As on electro music forum, i

 Modular Benjolin
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

don`t understand one part of the schematic : what is J2 / HDR16 Lots of 100k resistances there. but i don t understand how to wire it to the other parts Ahh. J2/HDR16. Thats where all the magic is! Those are all of the outputs of the discrete wave forms that make up the benjolin. You can use these to patch into other gear as control signals or audio signals or patch them into the VCO&VCF CV inputs. This is the key to unleashing the monster. (I`m finally working with rob on a new upgraded bejolin PCB and kit. This one includes an echo! I`m hoping to have it done and in my store by this summer. Wish me luck!) Hope you`ll make it real I`ve personnaly found some ics, so i think i`ll breadboard mine soon. But i`ll be happy to get you kit, and why not invite you & Rob in france for a workshop They are only outputs. There are inputs elsewhere on the board. The VCOs and the VCF all have voltage inputs. You can use the outputs from HDR16 to control them or you can use another benjolin. Two benjolins together is a great combination! Apologies, i should have read the above comments more thoroughly. The benjolin really stands out from the other synths IMHO and for those of us who cant get to a workshop this is brilliant news. I wish you all the best with it. This looks really awesome. I`d been toying with the idea of finding someone to etch a couple benjolin boards for me, but I think I`ll just wait for this one. I like it!...

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