Motional feed back amplifier

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This versatile amplifier circuit is designed and submitted by Mr Seetharaman Subramanian from Chennai. The full credit of this article goes to him and we are very proud to publish this fabulous circuit here. This concept has appeared long back in Practical Electronics a UK based Magazine. Based on this concept I designed this circuit during 1981

Motional feed back amplifier
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to 1986 with lots of field trials and modifications, the design was frozen in 1986. I have assembled so many amplifiers for me and for my friends based on this design with various power levels. They are still kicking in so many houses. This concept can be applied to any existing amplifier also. You must listen to believe the crystal clear thumping bass response. crystal clear mid and hi frequencies. Good transient response with very low distortion. Hope you guys will enjoy the reproduction of this amplifier. In the art of audio sound reproduction it is well-known that the dynamic loudspeaker is more nonlinear and generates more distortion than all the other system components combined. This is particularly true at low frequencies which require large cone excursions where the stiffness of both the inner spider and the outer surround increases rapidly as the cone approaches its peak displacement, resulting in a nonlinear suspension compliance generating high distortion. For example, in a typical high fidelity sound system at a frequency of about 35 Hz the total harmonic distortion of the amplifier might be of the order of 0. 01%, whereas the distortion of the loudspeaker might range from about 3. 0% to about 50. 0%, depending upon the loudness. If this cone motion can be sensed and given as a feed back to the earlier stage of the amplifier, this distortion can be reduced dramatically. Motional Feedback (MFB) was a speaker...

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