Multi-functional 100W Power Inverter with 5V USB

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A durable car power inverter can give you a more convenient life. 100W car power inverter is the best choice for traveler when driving outside, or meeting an urgent need when power failure. AC adapter can be widely fit to all kinds of electrical devices which voltage rating are AC 220V. You can operate your home or office electrical devices with t

Multi-functional 100W Power Inverter with 5V USB
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his power, inverter such as laptop notebook computer, TV, DVD player, battery charger, video camera, portable stereos, work Lights and more. What`s more, this Best Power Inverter has built-in USB power port lets you charge USB compatible devices. The feature of modern 3G technology is to provide high speed data services for customers. When we are enjoying the convenience of 3G technology, we may worry about the power problem at the same time. The good news is that this kind of car power inverters Charger Adapter can solve this problem. The ability of converting 12V or 24V to 220V makes it suitable for many devices such as cell phone or laptop. In this regard, our car power inverter can let you enjoy your 3G life perfectly. The car power inverter is charging for cell phone now. Adopting DC-AC conversion technology, this car power inverter can output a kind of stable voltage with sinusoidal waveform which is similar with the voltage used in house. If you want to operate an electronic device in a vehicle with an 220V AC electric source, it usually takes a 12v DC to AC power inverter. This power inverter converts the DC electricity into AC by using an electronic circuit. You need to have this inverter device on your vehicle in accordance with the required maximum load. Here is a 12V power inverter that can use a car battery as a source. DC to AC Power Inverter can be used to handle load up to a maximum of 100W using 10A CT step...

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