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Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The extension port has an important role. Depending on the application several extension boards can be put in the socket. Extension boards for LCD and domestic (relays, temperatur and light sensors, opto decoupled inputs) are under development. Sheet 1 shows the slot for Netzer and extension port. The Netzer can be directly soldered or plugged in

Netzer Playground
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via sockets. All IO pins of Netzer are protected against high input currents with serial 100 © resistors. SW_Reset pulls the Netzer reset pin to ground and generates a system reset at the Netzer and at a potentially connected board at the extension port which can be plugged in via two 10-pin headers with 2 mm grid. Netzer is supplied with the 3. 3V generated before. For a flexible Extension Port all Netzer pins and all available voltages (also SUP_AUX, see below) are connected. Sheet 2 shows the power supply. The input voltage (6 V 24 V, AC or DC) from X401 is protected against reverse polarity (B401), ESD (D401) and short circuits (F401). The voltage (SUP_AUX) is connected to the extension port. The upper part generates from DC or AC with the switching regulator IC4 (in combination with D401, L401 and electrolytes C402 and C403) a stable 5V (+5V_AUX). A switching regulator was chosen for a wide voltage input range. An extra heat sink is not required. Alternatively, a Power-over-Ethernet supply device (Silver Telecom ones are used here) can be mounted. The 48V source voltage (POE_VA1, _VA2, _VB1 and _VB2) is picked directly from Netzer. The power supply generates +5V (optional galvanically isolated Ag9050-S or galvanically connected Ag8005-S). L701, C701 and C702 are used for low ripple. R702 is a resistance indicating the PoE-device the power class required for the power sourcing equipment (Class 0, see Table 1). D701,...

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