Ni-MH battery charger using LT4060

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is the circuit diagram of a very powerful and efficient Ni-MH battery charger using IC LT4060 from Linear Technologies. In addition to Ni-MH batteries Ni-Cd batteries can be also charged by slightly modifying the circuit. For charging Ni-Cd batteries connect the CHEM pin (pin12) of the IC to +Vcc. Here the circuit is configured to charge 2 cell

Ni-MH battery charger using LT4060
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

s connected in series. By altering the connections of SEL0 and SEL1 pins, upto 4 batteries in series can be charged using this circuit. For charging a single cell, connect SEL0 and SEL1 pins to GND. For charging two cells, connect SEL1 to GND and SEL0 to Vcc. For charging three cells, connect SEL1 to VCC and SEL0 to GND. For charging 4 cells, connect SEL0 and SEL1 pins to VCC. The circuit also features temperature based charge qualification. An NTC thermistor connected at the NTC pin (pin11) of the IC serves as the temperature sensor.

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