Nikon IR-Remote Control

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

IR remote control for my Nikon DSLR camera. Not that I absolutely need one, surely I don`t need it bad enough to get one for about ‚¬30 or ‚¬40 from e-bay. However it would make a nice little in-between project. Big Mike explains the very easy protocol used by the original Nikon remote controls ML-L1 or ML-L3 on his web site.

Nikon IR-Remote Control
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

I happen to be very good at re-inventing the wheel, therefore I have designed and built my own version. It just so happens that I`ve bought myself an ATMEL STK-500 kit, so this was a perfect test case for it. I`ve ordered some samples of the ATtiny13 processor from Atmel, which can be operated without external clock. Even this small processor is a bit of overkill for the job at hand, but this was the smallest processor I could find. On the above mentioned web site there are some pictures of other people who have built their own versions of an IR remote control in several different appearances. Personally I think building the remote control in an empty tic-tac box is a great idea! However I`ve chosen to build it in an obsolete existing remote control. Simply because it was at hand and because it can hold two standard AAA batteries. I`ve rewired the switch matrix in such a way that I now can press any of the keys to fire the shutter. Feel free to use your imagination if you want to build your own version of the IR remote control. There is no PCB for this easy design. In my case the output amplifier was already available in the existing remote control. I`ve only removed the original IC from the board and added the ATtiny13. I don`t have the original specification of the Nikon remote control protocol. The information on Big Mike`s web site was also derived from reverse engineering. What I understand from that information is...

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