Notes on the Wenzel low power AM transmitter schematic

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

In many discussions of LPAM transmitter design you will hear or read references to `the Wenzel circuit` or `the Wenzel transmitter. ` These refer to the clever transmitter design downloadable at During the mid 1990s and early 2000s, this was the best available AM transmitter circuit if you wanted to build something yourself for around-the-house `yardcasting. ` The range is

Notes on the Wenzel low power AM transmitter schematic
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limited but the sound quality is good compared to other homebrew circuits that were published at the time. An updated, illustrated web page about this circuit, including a modified version with a different output section, is published by Mr Wenzel himself at Below are some comments that were published in various newsgroups about the original version of the circuit. It`s fascinating to see what a detailed analysis and spirited discussion this circuit received! Is that the little transmitter that Syl says is among the best he`s tried If so, I am using that as a basis for my design. If an LC works in place of the crystal, I`ll certainly give it a try. - Joe Yes it is. It`s also on my website. The only really good design so far. I use planar transistors (2N5551) to replace the 2n4401 because I had them on hands by the dozen and I can drive them with 150V. (like I need it. ) I suspect any 2SCxxxx from the junk box might also work. Now that Sal sent me a crystal, I`ll replace the LC I replace it with. I think Bill M. also did this with his. Even on the scope. At least not within it`s "useful" range with wrong antenna loading. With the proper loading (which is somewhat important for increased range), sound is excellent. If unproperly loaded, close to the transmitter the sound is excellent too but the range suffers a *lot. It does distort outside the "useful" range but I think it is caused by the weak signal (some of my radios are...

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