Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The following is a copy of an article posted by Wilf Rigter to the original BEAM email list and as such represent an important historical and technical reference The NuStepper is a circuit designed by Wilf Rigter, using a 74AC86 quad X-OR chip to make four Neural Neurons configured in a ring. The circuit behaves much like a microcore and can be

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used to drive a bipolar stepper motor The NuCore was described in my earlier post and has now been renamed as the NuRING. Like the Nv Microcore, the NuRING is made from a number (ie 4) of process nodes connected in a ring. It uses a single capacitor and resistor with a gain stage for each node but as an integrator instead of a differentiator. Think of it as a "relaxed" neuron ! First of all, any linear devices like AC240 or AC245 work well as gain elements for (>1 Nu ) NuRING circuits. As long as the sign of all inversions in the NuRING is negative, it can made from any combination of inverting or non inverting elements. The process pattern in linear NuRINGs is just as robust as the Schmitt trigger NuRING S and the voltage swing at the Nu bias point of NuRING S >2 Nu approaches rail to rail. I had previously used the Nv Microcore circuit to generate a "wave" step sequence for unipolar and bipolar type stepper motors and I realized that the NuRING Grey Code " phase " and " phase to phase " output patterns were identical to 1/2 step sequences for both types of stepper motors. I tested this idea with a small bipolar stepper motor of the type used for head positioning in a 3. 5 inch FD. In order to use Nv Core circuits to drive steppers, you must use output buffering for feedback isolation because the Nervous neuron is sensitive to motor transients which in large quantities could cause process modulation, instability and...

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