Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Because it is the 12 bits, the highest rank counter is divided to 1/4096. Because it is, in the highest rank, the signal of 4KHz can be seen in the about 500-millisecond blink. A 7 segment display is manufactured encapsulating 7 LEDs inside a single case. Each LED is given a shape and position which makes it a separate `segment`: lighting teo or m

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ore segment in different patterns, we can read all digits from 0 to 9 on the display. Segmenfs are conventionally identified with letters from A to G. The schematic diagram above shows the correspondence between segment position and the letter. For example, number 2 is obtained lighting segments A, B, G, E, D, whereas number 3 requires segments A, B, C, D, G. If all seven segments are lit then a number 8 is obtained. Despite of its name, practically all modern 7-segment displays contain 8 LEDs! This eitghth segment is required for the decimal point, and it is conventionally labelled "H" or "DP". To reduce pin count from 16 to 9, almost all 7-segment displays connect together one pin from all of the internal LEDs bringing it to a single display pin. In the case of so called "common cathode" displays, all cathodes are connected together and to the common cathode pin, while the anodes are connected to segment pins indifdually. The opposite for "common anode" displays. The TFK214 display we selected for this projects is a common cathode 7-segment display. The catodhes are connected to pin 3, with anodes of segments A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H to the remaining pins. Pin 6 is connected to the common cathode as well; you need to connect only one to the negative supply. You can try to light any segment up as you do with any other LED. 2. You can add more digits by building a second (or third, or fourth, etc. ) circuit and connecting the...

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