PICAXE Infrared Remote Control

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

To send the Sony command `TV - mute`, the command would be infraout 1, 20. Note that device should always be 1 when used in PICAXE projects and data can only be between 0 and 127, as the SIRCS protocol only specifies 7-bit capability. The full program for the transmitter is shown in Fig. 6. As infrared signals are easily corrupted, the

PICAXE Infrared Remote Control
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data is actually sent 10 times to increase reliability. This matches commercial remote controls that tend to transmit the data at 45ms intervals whilst the button is held down. Note that the program uses codes "1", "2" and "3" for the three switches, but you can edit these to any number between 0 and 127. This would be useful when you want to control multiple units in the same room, using different data commands for each unit. As hinted at in September, the various tunes played by Rudolph can be triggered remotely using an infrared transmitter. This simple project uses a PICAXE-08M micro, three push-button switches and an infrared LED to make a complete hand-held remote, the circuit for which appears in Fig. 2. A second visible LED is included for user feedback. Fig. 2: circuit diagram for the simple infrared transmitter. As no serial link socket is provided, the PICAXE chip must first be plugged into the "Rudolph" PC board (described in September 2004) for programming. Assembly is very straightforward and should only take a few minutes. Begin by installing a wire link in the position indicated by a dotted line on the overlay diagram (Fig. 3). An off-cut resistor leg is ideal for the job. Note that as an IC socket will be mounted over the link, it must be lying flat on the PC board before soldering. Install the two LEDs next, noting that the infrared LED (IRLED1) leads must be bent at 90 degrees so that it points away from...

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