Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This turned out to be quite an interesting project. It all began as a project for a paying customer, but I found that the circuit had quite a lot of advantages over previous similar projects. It is basically an inverter for converting power from 12v DC to something else. You can use the circuit as shown to convert 12v DC to 230v AC (117v AC), or

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even use it to convert 12v DC to 24v DC. The output power of the AC version is about 30 Watts, which is enough to power three medium sized (11W) ecconomy lamps, or about 8 of those small 4W lamps that each give the same light as a 20-Watt lamp. You could even rectify the output to get 250vDC to power valve equipment. The DC-AC version can be adapted to generate 6vAC, in addition to 230v DC for portable operation of old valve (tube) based equipment. An EL84, for example, will deliver over 10 Watts of RF in the HF band, and the efficiency is still comparable with transistor devices. The heated cathode takes just 2 Watts. The 12vDC 24vDC or -12vDC configuration will deliver about 3 Amperes at 24v 65 Watts, or -12v 32 Watts. To do this you convert 12vDC to 12vAC, full-wave rectify this and put the new isolated 12vDC in series with the input 12vDC. Your output will then be 24vDC at 3 Amperes, for 6 Amperes input. Reverse the diodes and reference the rectifier to ground and you will get -12v at about 3 Amperes for 3 Amperes input. See below: But as a DC-AC converter, the output frequency accuracy is good enought to run a clock-radio for a short duration of time, without gaining or loosing more than a few seconds per day. The important bit is that you choose stable capacitors and take care to get the frequency right. You should be able to get it better than 0. 1% with just a little effort. The heart of the waveform generator is...

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