Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The second is a Signal Distribution Board that relays voltage, ground, and other signals throughout the pick. We can use this board, and it is modeled on its page: Signal Distribution Board. The 7400 pick system has two stepper motors, both with two coils. To control these, we will need two H-Bridges per motor, or a total of four H-bridges. The L

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293D IC has two H-Bridges on it, and appears to be capable; Josh and I (Jeff) have already been driving the one motor on the 7300 pick system with it. The OC#A and OC#B are PWM pins. We do not absolutely need to use PWM to drive the stepper motors, but it does free up the microcontroller to do other things as opposed to babysitting the motors. The ATmega8 only has three PWM pins, and is therefore not adequate to drive the 7400 pick. The other two easy options with 4 PWM channels are the ATtiny2313 or the ATmega16 The pick system has a sensor for detecting the paper size that is basically an array of switches. For the 3 different sizes, SRA3, 11 x 17, and 8 1/2 x 11, below is a simple diagram of how the sensor should be interfaced to. Also below is a table that shows what the signal values will be for the three sizes. Note that the IC checking the lines 0 3 has internal pull-ups: so if switch 3 is closed on the sensor, it is pulled low. 000 - Paper tray has reached paper pick height and paper is half full 001 - Paper has reached paper pick height and there is no paper 010 - Paper tray has almost reached paper pick height 011 - Paper tray lower than paper pick height 100 - Paper tray is full (filled to the top) and has reached paper pick height 110 - Paper tray is full (filled to the top) and is not at paper pick height 111 - Paper tray not yet raised and is half full Taking the information regarding paper size, learning how...

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