Pioneer CLD-1090

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

How to add an AC-3 RF output to older laser disc players. Finally I was ready to try it myself. Kevin Nakano`s web page (link below) was very helpful. His page describes how to do the modification to a CLD-D702. My CLD-1090 is very similar to the CLD-D702. The board layout is slightly different and by describing in general terms how to get the RF tap I hope others with Pioneer CLD-XXXX models can figure

Pioneer CLD-1090
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

out how to modify their own machines. (The board) One of the things that scares people away from doing there own mods is the fabrication of the circuit board. A custom etched board makes things easy to put together and minimizes wire lengths but a generic Radio Shack board can be used. The circuit is very simple and the Radio Shack board is small. The circuit board (part # 276-159) has several sets of 5 holes that are connected together. The best way to build the circuit is to choose a spot for the transistor and solder it in. Then using the schematic connect everything together as needed. My version of the circuit uses only 1 transistor, 4 resistors, and 3 capacitors. It can be assembled in 30 minutes. The picture to the right shows the opened laser disc player. Click on the picture to get the big version so you can see in general where the R. F section may be on your player. You can see where I mounted my board. I removed the screw holding the S-video jack and replaced it with a bolt and nut. The bolt holds the new circuit out of harms way. The circuit The basic circuit schematic is similar to circuit #2 from Nakano`s web page. I used a MPS2222A transistor from radio shack. It has a wide (300MHZ) band width suitable for this project. The circuit is a Emitter follower/Common collector. This configuration gives a fairly high input impedance and a low output impedance. This way you won`t load down the RF section of the LD...

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