Power cipher scheme on the basis of TMS320C6678 DSP

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

TMS320C6678 DSP is a section of DSP based on KeyStone framework that TI released newly, have 8 kernel, the intersection of operating speed and until the the intersection of product and of various fields performance index increase reachable 10 GHz. while being on-chip, having proposed very high requirement too for the power supply, the ordinary sta

Power cipher scheme on the basis of TMS320C6678 DSP
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bilized voltage supply can`t be satisfied. Because mostly need lamellar DSP collaborative work on the present SIGPROC signal processing boards, so in this design, take bivalve 6678DSP power scheme as examples, regard UCD9244 as the main control chip of the power, power supply demand that the power designed can meet this bivalve DSP at the same time. Fig. 1 is a systematic composition block diagram. Adopt the unitary 12 V power to supply power, the kernel voltage of DSP is made up of a slice of UCD9244 and bivalve UCD7242; 3. 3 V power produced through TPS54620 can be the electrical supply of the miscellaneous power; The big partial module power needs treatment filtered the wave network, can reduce the ripples, noises of the power to do it in this way, can well solve other interference problems that PCB fabric board brings at the same time. Though DSP does not require that there is sequence of special power up between kernel voltage and IO, when the power with a certain module is in error condition, must guarantee all power of the overall system is not working, otherwise, will influence life time and reliability of the device seriously. So, in this design, the sequence of power up is CVDD, VCC1V0, VCC1V8, VCC1V5, VCC0V75; CVDD and the intersection of power up and sequence of VCC1V0, through carry on the intersection of programming and realization to the intersection of UCD9244 and chip, other the intersection of power up and...

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