Principle Power Amplifier Design

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The FET amplifier, for those focused on the tube sound, which for various reasons can not be made after the courage to Jiang Sheng-class enthusiasts. bipolar FET tube amplifier and the output characteristics very similar, the frequency characteristics of a good, sound and bile after similar level, Coupled on the tube preamp is desirable. SRPP tube

Principle Power Amplifier Design
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preamplifier circuit, as shown in Figure 7-25. Parallel to its circuit-adjusted push-pull circuit, also known as streaming-adjusted push-pull circuit, used for high-frequency input stage, such as VHF / UHF high frequency of the first tube line, and for the importation of AF, both distortion, Linearity, magnification, dynamic and low output impedance are all winners of Group A in general triode amplifier, and many other giant tube circuit design the contrary, SRPP circuit distortion rate decreases as the frequency increased. The circuit is clearly a series of two tubes, how is the parallel-push-pull adjustment circuit This is the exchange of work, two DC power tubes in the form of series, each shoulder half of the supply voltage. But the exchange does not signal the same pipe above the screen is the very same, enter the pipe from below the screen is, by the cathode output (of screen circuits), this becomes a two tubes in parallel work. Because the gate is on the tube for a relatively cathode negative circumstances, makes bias circuit is extremely simple, this principle can not be used in transistors or operational amplifier circuit. FET amplifier circuit theory, differential-ranked dynamic principles such as Figure 7-26 shown. Differential input stage a field-effect twin module NPD5565S, its parameters for VDss = 55V, iDss = 6 ~ 15mA, its importation of very good (high input impedance), without the NPD5565S, can also be used...

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