Prototype II

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The idea is to create a system that allows the residents to play a movement based game similar to laser tag. Using GPS and a digital compass we track their localized movements and position vector. That information is used when the player wants to fire` upon another player. All the information communicated via WiFi to central server, which processe

Prototype II
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s the data and outputs game play statistics. What did you build How did you build it Be as specific as possible. Include pictures and or video that directly illustrate description. Give enough explanation that somebody of your capabilities could duplicate your results. A step-by-step set outline of what you did is appropriate. The device consists of an Arduino Uno that collects data from a GPS and Magnetometer and sends the data wirelessly to a router using a WiFly Shield. Most of this is safely stored inside a box custom designed for the Arduino. The server program is coded in Python 2. 7 using the following libraries: Pygame, Twisted, Zope. Interface, PGU-0. 1. 8 (pygame gui). The program uses Twisted`s reactor as the base, which periodically calls PGU`s event handler. The reactor controls networking and realtime scheduling and the event handler controls the GUI interactions and rendering. A flow chart of this activity is shown below. This program is designed using the core structure of Andrew`s multiplayer game from another class. This core structure provided an asynchronous reactor with networking and GUI support. A simple functional GUI was added and then data was retrieved from the Arduino at 2 second intervals. Here is the code:

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