Proximity sensor - Page 2

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

First of all, the circuit is ok, but it`s rather unstable. It varies with temperature, and, for eg, I turned it on and I tune it. Them I switch it

Proximity sensor - Page 2
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engineer it, if we get to some conclusion I`ll post it here (the conclusion, not the schem :P) Ahh, CV is Control Voltage. The theremin/controller circuit has to have a CV out (control voltage out). Then, the other circuit (audio - in this case, a wah circuit), has a pot. We substitute that pot with a LDR and connect a LED to the CV out of the theremin circuit. Together, the LED+LDR make a optocoupler (vactrol). As I approach my hand to the antenna of the theremin, voltage increases, driving the LED. The LDR reacts to the light emmitted and therefore augments its resistence (or diminishes it) and acts like a potentiometer.

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