RF Remote Control Encoder and Decoder Chips Explained

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Making your own universal remote control systems today is very easy. Such procure the relevant chips, assemble them and here goes, your hi-tech remote control device is working for you. Here we explain a couple remote control chips especially designed for the purpose. The IC TWS-434 along with its encoder chip HOLTEK`s HT-12E form a high class tra

RF Remote Control Encoder and Decoder Chips Explained
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nsmitter circuit, whereas the chip RWS-434 through its complementing decoder IC HT-12D operates as the receiver module. Both of the above modules are able to exchange 4-bits of discrete data for control four external loads separately. With the easy availability of accurate remote control chips, making your own universal remote control modules is today just a matter of few hours. We discuss a couple of compact RF remote control transmitter and receiver modules here using the chips: HT-12E, HT-12D, TWS-434, RWS-434 Making a hi-end professional remote control system at home is a child`s play now. With the advent of micro remote control encoder and decoders chips, making a RF remote control is today a matter of a few hours or rather minutes. Applications of remote controls made from these chips are countless; you may use it for controlling practically any electrical gadget that you can think of, the best application being for car security systems. A couple of remote control chips, the TWS-434 and the RWS-434 both complement each other, the first one being the transmitter and the later one the receiver. The chip TWS-434 is basically a tiny 4-bit transmitter module, which is able to transmit 4 types of coded signals discretely, whereas the RWS-434 exactly compliments these signals by receiving them and generating 4 discrete decoded signals at its outputs. However both the above primarily functions just as wireless sender and...

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