RS232 transceiver circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

There are several RS232 transceiver circuit used for commond communicated between microcontroller and other devices such as PCs or devices rs232. Here is a collection of RS232 transceiver circuits that use well-known for today. The circuit using MAX232, Maxim`s devices. This circuit is very stable and the use of professional design. This device is i

RS232 transceiver circuits
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nexpensive and it can provide 2-channel RS232. The MAX232 line drivers / receivers for RS-232 and V. 28 communications in harsh environments designed. Each transmitter output and receiver input is protected against 15kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) shocks, can be operated without latchup. It from a +5 V supply voltage. This RS232 transceiver circuit using DS275, a small half-duplex transceiver chip. I Compatible with RS-232-E signals and suitible for low-power serial transmitter / receiver for battery-

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