SASS 2400 Low-Volume Wet Air Sampler

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A schematic representation of the SASS 2400 is shown in Figure 2 below. The cyclone has four main sections: a cyclonic cup, stripping column, cistern, and water feedback loop. A high-efficiency, brushless centrifugal blower at the cyclone exit pulls air into the unit. When the SASS is turned on, the blower is activated and a water charge is inject

SASS 2400 Low-Volume Wet Air Sampler
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ed into the cyclonic cup from a fresh water reservoir. Incoming air enters at the cup perimeter, creating strong vortex action and a rapidly swirling film of water on exposed surfaces. The water film passes across the air inlet region, forming a water curtain through which air must pass. Concurrently, a centrally located port in the cup base injects additional water. This location is subject to high air shear, and fluid discharged from the port into the cup will be in the form of a fine spray. The cup plays a major role in collection of sub-micron particles and molecular species due to the intimate two-phase contact provided, whereas larger respirable particles are captured in both the cup and a stripping column to be described. The air stream then flows from the cup into a stripping column connected to the cup`s upper surface. As air enters the smaller diameter stripping column it increases in rotational velocity, enhancing particulate collection through centrifugal action. The inner surface of the stripping column is also wet by fluid outflow from the cup. The airflow rate and column inside diameter have been designed so that adequate shear force is produced to create a cocurrent upward flow of water on the column wall. The stripping column is operated beyond the so-called flooding limit, ` meaning that liquid introduced at the base of the column cannot flow opposite to the upwelling air, and, in fact, must flow up the...

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