Posted on Feb 7, 2014

More and more serial bus systems are preferred instead of a parallel bus, because of the simpler wiring. As the efficiency of serial buses increases, the speed advantage of the parallel data transmission gets less important. The clock frequencies of SPI devices can go up to some Megahertz and more. There are a lot of application where a serial tra

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nsmission is perfectly sufficient. The usage of SPI is not limited to the measuring area, also in the audio field this type of transmission is used. The SPI (this name was created by Motorola) is also known as Microwire, trade mark of National Semiconductor. Both have the same functionality. There are also the extensions QSPI (Queued Serial Peripheral Interface) and MicrowirePLUS. Synchronous interfaces are characterized by the presence of a dedicated receive/transmit clock signal. A "Master" device usually outputs a clock signal that is received by all "Slave" devices to receive and transmit data in synch. The advantage: Each device works with the transmit/receive clock of the master independent of any oscillator variations of each individual device; so these interfaces are very suitable for use with cheap oscillators that have large frequency variations Examples of synchronous interfaces are: SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), developed by Motorola, MICROWIRE developed by National Semiconductor, I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) developed by Philips/Signetics, and USART (Universal Synchronous & Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) - as the name suggests a USART can either be used in a synchronous or asynchronous mode, so it falls into both categories. Synchronous interfaces were designed mainly to connect peripheral devices on the same circuit board, like external EEPROMS, A/D converters, display drivers and sensors to...

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