Schematic effect

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Echorec delay is a superb piece of engineering! In their quest for perfection Binson got many important aspects of the design right, maintaining a balance between simplicity and adding genuinely useful features to this classic echo machine. The engineers developed their own unique magnetic drum storage medium that offered superior reliability

Schematic effect
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(permanent guarantee`) and stability over 1/4 ³ tape used in all other tape echo units. No expense was spared in the design of the mixing and amplifier circuitry there are seven miniature B9A tubes inside the unit. All the tubes are still readily available 12AX7 and 12AU7 triodes. The level indicator is an EM81 tube which are also now being manufactured. This webpage contains a description of each functional part of the circuit, a flowchart clearly showing the signal flow, schematics for the Echorec IA and II. The input buffer is an inverting gain stage based on section 4A of a 12AX7 tube. To optimize this to work with electric guitar pickups the the 47K resistor before the input coupling capacitor can be removed. Virtually all guitar amp input stages are direct coupled i. e. there is no capacitor. This is okay as a guitar pickup only generates an AC component with no DC offsets. Note: there is no cathode bias resistor. Typically triode amplifier configurations have a 1K8 resistor to maintain the grid voltage below the cathode. Mixer stage with common anode resistor. This is where the dry` signal and delayed signal are mixed to create multiple repeats. Trimmer, T2 is used to set the range of the LENGTH OF SWELL` knob. The record amplifier is based on tube section 6A which provides some amplification. Additionally passive 1st order filtering before the grid provide -6dB/octave roll-off of low and high frequencies. The bias...

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