Schematics High Power LED mood Lamp PCB

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

In this page we will introduce a great project designed by Toon Beerten. His project named `DIY Led Mood Lamp` can become a very interesting add-on for your room that`s absolutely sure it will impress everyone. As you can see on the photos, we talk about a color fading lamp, that looks amazing! The purpose of this page is to try to give some hints

Schematics High Power LED mood Lamp PCB
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

building it successful. This high power led mood light is based on PIC16F628 and the ability of this mcu to produce PWM pulses. Varying pulse width we can produce millions of color combinations using only the three basic colors. So only one RGB (Red-Green-Blue) led is capable producing a rainbow of fading colors. With the help of four switches we can handle all functions of the lamp. We can choose fading or jumping between colors, we can select a rainbow style or a random color changing behavior, we can choose slow or fast changing of colors and we can pause on a desired color. You can use your imagination to find a housing that will be able to diffuse colors uniformly. Color difussion is necessary to achieve best results. In original design the author used the 45cm IKEA Mylonit lamp. That`s a great housing for your lamp. Instead you can use the smaller 31cm IKEA Mylonit lamp with the same amazing results. That`s the lamp we used in our construction. The led used is a high power 3W RGB LED. It can be found on ebay at LEDSEE-electronics. You can also check ebay for other high power RGB leds. It will do the jod the same way. Details of this brilliant led shown below. Programming the PIC16F628 can be achieved using this very simple pic programmer and a program called ic-prog. Just use your programmer and upload the. hex file on your PIC. For successful results you should pay attention on the fuse bits. You should enter the...

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