Seven kinds of analysis that sentence to the odd circuit implement method are compared

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The design of the combinational logic circuit is varied, I choose a kind of add even check circuit implementation to explain in detail. The parity check circuit has certain typicality and practicability in analysis and design of the combinational logic circuit, familiar with logic function and circuit implementation that is sentenced to the odd circuit,

Seven kinds of analysis that sentence to the odd circuit implement method are compared
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contribute to strengthening the understanding of combinational logic circuit and mastering. Regard sentencing the example to the strange circuit implementation as, many kinds of ones that have discussed with gate network, Decoder, data selector have realized the scheme separately, demonstrate flexibility and diversity of circuit design of the combinatorial logic. As to the thing that the sentencing to the strange question of three input variables, set up its input variable and is indicated by A, B, C respectively, the output function is indicated by F. When there is 1 of odd number one when made up in the value of the input variable, it is 1 to output function value; When the number of 1 is an even number in the value of the input variable is made up, it is 0 to output function value, can list and write out three input variables and sentence the truth table of the odd circuit to be shown in Table 1 according to this kind of logical relationship. Realize three input to sentence to the odd circuit with the inverter, AND-gate, or gate, it features basically there is not a change in the expression, it is simple and clear to realize the route, the shortcoming is to wire more, the circuit is complicated. Realized three input variables are sentenced to the odd circuit and can be obtained by two kinds of above-mentioned different gate network design methods, though the first method and method two realize logic simply, is all wired...

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