Signal Generators Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Converting periodic waveforms to square waves is an integral part of extracting a clock signal from data, creating waveform generators, and making timing-pulse generators. Any square-wave-conversion circuit is more valuable when the square wave`s duty cycle is variable and controllable. Figure 1 shows a circuit that has these attributes and can drive several TTL-compatible loads.

Signal Generators Circuits
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DDS and converter form signal generator : 02/20/03 EDN-Design Ideas / Many applications require low-frequency signal generators that can deliver high-performance, high-resolution signals. This Design Idea presents a circuit that generates frequencies of 0 to 1 MHz. Sinusoidal, triangular, and square-wave outputs are available. DDS device produces sawtooth waveform : 07/10/03 EDN-Design Ideas / Ramp or sawtooth waveforms are useful for a broad range of applications, including automatic-test equipment, bench test equipment, and actuator control. Discrete components typically set the waveform frequency. Unfortunately, drift in these component values over time and temperature limits the accuracy of the output frequency. Low Frequency Sine Wave Generator: The two circuits below illustrate generating low frequency sine waves by shifting the phase of the signal through an RC network so that oscillation occurs where the total phase shift is360 degrees. Make a simple ramp generator for stepper motors : 04/04/2002 EDN - Design Ideas / Stepper motors are synchronous motors that step at the pulse rate of the driving signal. For the motor to move quickly, the stepping rate must be fast. However, because of motor and load inertia, the motor often cannot go from 0 rpm to the desired number of revolutions per minute in one step. Pulse Stretcher Increases ECL Gate Gains : 01/20/94 EDN-Design Ideas / stretches the output pulses of an ECL...

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