Sine wave output V F converter

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Most of the V/F converters in this chapter produce pulse or square-wave outputs. Many applications (such as audio, filter, or automatic-equipment testing) require a sine-wave output, such as is produced by this circuit. The sine waves from this circuit span a range from 1 Hz to 100 kHz (100 dB or X5 decades) for a 0- to 10-V input, with

Sine wave output V F converter
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0. 1% frequency linearity and 0. 2% distortion. Drift is 150 ppm/ƒ and zero-point drift is 0. 1 Hz/ƒ. To trim, apply 10. 00 V and adjust the 2-k © 100-kHz distortion trim for a symmetrical triangle output at Al. Next, apply 100 V and adjust the 50-k © 10-Hz distortion trim for triangle symmetry. Then, apply 10. 00 V again and adjust the 5-k © frequency trim for a 100. 00-kHz output. Finally, adjust both 1-k © fine distortion trim potentiometers for minimum distortion of the sine-wave output (trace D of Fig. 12-12B). Slight readjustment of the other trim controls might be required to get the lowest possible distortion.

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