Sony Triniton TV

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a Sony Triniton, Model KV-20M10, manufactured July 1995. There are no blinking lights (there really are no lights to blink) or clicking sounds. The described symptom on this particular model using a BA-2 chassis would indicate an internal hardware issue. The unit would have to be opened up for visual inspection, voltage measurements, confirm fault and effect repairs. Are you then considering

Sony Triniton TV
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a DIY (do-it-yourself) repair approach Are you familiar with electronic components, have access to / comfortable in the use of a multimeter and perhaps even a soldering iron/hot-air station I would like to try the DYI approach since I have nothing to lose. Getting it professionally repaired would probably be close to the cost of a new TV, don`t you think. I have a small handheld meter which shows volts, ohms, and whether two points are connected. I also have a soldering iron, which I am more familiar with than the meter. Am I adequately supplied to delve into this venture First, get the back cover off (4 screws). Closely inspect the rear right side (looking from the back). The high voltage transformer (FBT) is located here with a big red/ (sometimes black) wire going to the rear top of the tube. Check the FBT for any sign of cracks or high voltage leaks, arcing. Carefully plug in and power on the TV. Check if there is a glow at the very rear of the TV. This is the heater voltage and it also is an indicator that the high voltage/horizontal is most likely operating. It is also possible to check the FBT for stray high voltage. With the cover still removed, power on the TV and darken the room. Within a safe distance, check for any bluish glow or high voltage arcing. I see no signs of cracks or arcing in the transformer. The only glow I see when plugged in and powered up, is in the large glass tube plugged into a small circuit...

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