Stormwise VLF Radio Electronic Project

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This radio receiver built on a piece of wood uses only 5 transistors but will receive longwave beacons and VLF beacons, depending on the antenna unit connected. Uses our AMVC-384 capacitor and one of our `C` antennas. This page is still under construction as of 07-08-2011. Our LOUDEST receiver yet. Features low noise FET transistors and improved A

Stormwise VLF Radio Electronic Project
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M detector. More photos to be added of completed unit. This 5 transistor low frequency radio receiver allows you to hear longwave beacons, broadcasts, and other signals in the range of 10 KHz to 530 KHz. It works just like an AM radio, a transistor demodulates AM signals. The receiver is designed for use with any of our high impedance antennas starting with the letter "C" in the model number, in the range of 10 KHz to 530 KHz. The antenna`s tuning adjustment (via a variable or fixed-value capacitor, sold separately) is what selects the receive channel. This is a direct detection amplified "crystal" radio receiver. It does not generate RFI or use regeneration. It has no AGC circuit or noise-blanker, making it excellent for research applications (such as lightning detection). Receiver will easily hear the lightning static that is always present in the lower frequency bands. Power the radio with a rechargeable 6 volt lantern battery. The radio will run a -very- long time, it only draws @ 10 mA, making it excellent for research uses where it has to run on solar or battery power only. The radio will also work on 9 volts without any problems. The parts and values are shown on the diagram above on this page. Standard values used. General parts available at any electronics store. Antenna and tuning capacitor available here at The transistors Q1 and Q2 are Field Effect Transistors (FET) MPF-102. These are very high impedance...

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