TNT1541 diy zero-oversampling dac

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The TNT Convertus has been one of my favorite designs. It was probably one of the first DAC DIY projects published in Italy, and attracted a lot of attention (well, given the size of the market, obviously. ). A few changes have been made to the original Convertus design, but I never had the time to test another DAC: it would have required a complet

TNT1541 diy zero-oversampling dac
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e overhaul of the project, including a new PSU. Anyway, rumours about the outstanding quality of another DAC chip have loudly continued - the DAC in question, the TDA1541A, has a slight problem: it is no longer in production. As I wanted to present an easy to build DAC, this was a condition I was not willing to accept, but after building it, I realized that the design includes a few interesting elements that can be applied to any other dac type. Even though the DAC is now rather difficult to find, especially in the selected versions, it is still available, and in the end the situation is no worse than that of a few well known NOS tubes. One more note. I will not go back in detail over all the circuitry I have already described in the Convertus, Convertus decima and Convertus Decima Digital articles. Please read them through before reading the present one. For the receiver I used a CS8412. At the time I`m writing this article it is still present in the RS catalogue in a DIL package. The CS8414, the current generation, seems to work a little better, but is not available in DIL format: if you dare working with a surface mount chip, it can be a valid pin to pin substitute. In order to be able to select any output configuration, the mode pins are controlled by a quadruple microswitch. this lets me select any possible output configuration with ease. Mode 3 is to be used (M0=1, M1=1, M2=0, M3=0), unless you do not wish to...

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