The figure based on LM3S101 adopts the controller to design

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The figure adopts the controller as the capital equipment that digital quantity is gathered and controlled in the on-the-spot monitor system, the stability of the on-the-spot control work to the overall system of its characteristic has very important function. So develop structure to be simple characteristic stable adopting the controller, having very much important meanings by the intersection of reliability and high

The figure based on LM3S101 adopts the controller to design
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with low costs new figure. LM3S101 The microcontroller in order to control the core, and adopt the specialized device SP3485 of RS-485 communication to carry on the design of the communication interface, paid digital input and run side by side / failed by Serial Input / 8 shift registers 74HC164 and parallel entry / 8 shift registers 74HC165 of serial output of parallel output Publish the design method that the expanded figure adopts the controller. It has characteristic such as being strong of relative elevation of the sexual valence, practicality, antijamming capability novel in design that this figure adopts the controller, can apply to various on-the-spot monitor systems extensively, and after transformation, it can apply to the long-distance control system. This figure adopts the hardware of the controller and regards LM3S101 ARM microcontroller as and controls the core, mainly realize functions such as RS485 communication, setting up, local address setting up, gathering and digital flow control of No. 8 of digital quantity of No. 8 of baud rate, etc. The hardware of its system makes up and is shown as in Fig. 1. It adopt figure by that controller control by flow sensors digital live what control centers long-range send out function for instance: The glass breaks and monitors, far infrared monitoring etc. The state that the state controls the order to carry on the sensor digital quantities of No. 8 is gathered, then...

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