The high-accuracy arbitrary waveform generator based on DDS is designed

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

With the technical development, appearance and employing extensively of the large high-accuracy dynamic range D/ A converter at full speed of digital signal processing, because of sampling technique and computing technique, generated frequency is relatively fixed with the phase place through the digital means and adjustable synthetic technology, n

The high-accuracy arbitrary waveform generator based on DDS is designed
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amely DDFS DDS Technology is ripe day by day, it adopts the structure of Full Digitalization, it is fast to have high, relative bandwidth wide, frequency conversion of frequency resolutioning, the phase noise is low, higher advantage of signal purity. So, this system finishes the arbitrary waveform generator to design by DDS technology. DDFS DDS Technology is an undulate generation method of Full Digitalization based on sampling theorem. DDS frequency synthesizer mainly made up of phase place accumulator, undulate data storage, D/ A converter and low-pass filter, their functional block diagrams are shown as in Fig. 1. Within a systematic clock cycle, accumulator primary accumulated value and control word of the frequency of phase place are added, receive the new accumulated value, regard new accumulated value as the address, read the range value of the signal from the undulate data storage, send into D/ A converter and change the digital signal into the analog signal, is turned into and needs the waveform by the low-pass filter afterwards. Among them has stored the single periodic range value of the periodic signal in the undulate data storage, the phase place accumulator overflows once each time, can read a periodic signal amplitude value from the undulate data storage. So, if suppose the control word of the frequency is K, the phase place accumulator is N location, passes a clock cycle systematically, can produce a...

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