Three Axis Mag

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Micromag3 is a 3-axis magnetometer that measures the strength of magnetic fields in 3 directions. It can measure magnetic fields that are approximately the same strength as the Earth`s magnetic field. Common applications include orientation sensing and for sensing local disruptions in the Earth`s magnetic field, such as those caused by vehicle

Three Axis Mag
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s. The datasheet summary can be found here. The Micromag3 is manufactured by PNI Corporation and is available through their website for $50. ( ) It is also available at Sparkfun for $55. There is a similar 2-axis magnetometer available for $40-45 from PNI (depending on whether you buy the module only or buy the module on a carrier board) and for $50 from Sparkfun. For starters, magnetic fields are vector fields ”that is, if you`re measuring a magnetic field at a given point, that field will have both a strength and a direction. The Micromag3 can measure the strength of the magnetic field that`s perpendicular to the orientation of a single sensing element. Thus, by measuring magnetic field strength on three perpendicular axes, it is possible to measure the strength and direction of the field in three-dimensional space. There are probably four main situations in which you are likely to interact with magnetic fields. One, the earth has an inherent magnetic field. Measuring that field on two axes can provide north-south orientation, and measuring that field on 3 axes, in combination with some other sensors, can provide three-dimensional orientation. Second, large metal objects (such as cars), can disturb the local strength and direction of the earth`s magnetic field. Measuring changes in magnetic fields in a location can be used to detect the presence of such objects. Third, permanent magnets produce magnetic fields (usually...

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