TrikiBoard 8052

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

IC4, MAX232, is used to connect to the PC by serial port. This connection is useful for debugging and controlling the robot by issuing the command through the keyboard of the PC. Though in real autonomous run of the robot, this connection would be taken off. Either give the Gerber files to your PCB maker. (you can email the Gerber files directly to Image & co. , and call them

TrikiBoard 8052
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on 28347898. They will make the "films or photoplots" of your pcb, which you`ll give to any PCB maker. ) Get the Silkscreen and printing of labels also done on the PCB if you can spend more. (Approx cost of photoplots with legends Rs. 400-450 at Image). Or print the Top and Bottom layer PDF files on a 1200 dpi laser printer, and give the printout to your PCB Film maker or PCB maker directly. I do not recommend this method as the print quality may not be good, and tracks may get shorted. But this is the last resort usually of the Non-Metro residents. Getting the Film made from a printout (the second method above) is usually less expensive but the quality may not be proper. Your Film-maker will tell you if he can make it from the printout you`ll give to him after looking at it. (approx cost is 25paise/cmsq). Getting the Film made from the Gerber File is more expensive, but the quality is best. It would be better if many friends share a common film`s cost. (In IIT, one of the Yantriki coordinators may get many PCBs made in bunch after finding out the demand, as was done a few years ago). IITan`s can also try getting their complete PCB done in the PCB facility of EE dept for free. But that pcb would not have component names printed on it. Moreover the dept. facility may not allow too many PCBs of the same type because the tool there is much more expensive in its running cost. IMPORTANT: Tell the PCB maker to drill, 0. 8mm holes...

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