USB I2C Interface

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This kit is based upon an original design by Jan G0BBL and provides a multi-faceted replacement for the older `Rocky` serial interface kit. The kit includes: The control of the programmable Oscillator on the V6. 3 RXTX (and the older, now retired Lite + Xtrall V8. 3 RX) kits, over a USB cable, using the I2C protocol of two serial streams (the clocki

USB I2C Interface
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ng stream, named "SCL", and the data stream, named "SDA"). With the proper software drivers, this kit removes the 16 frequency constraint of the RX V8. 3 and RXTX V6. 3 kits For more information on the firmware and its capabilities/configuration, refer to Bob G8VOI`s Users Manual and Fred PE0FKO`s configuration manual. You should access and download relevant portions of these guides to assist you with the setup in the final phase of this build. The builder should read each page completely, taking care to compare the "bare board" photos with the completed stage photos, before undertaking actual construction. For the non-expert builders among us, this site takes you through a stage-by-stage build of the kit. Each stage is self-contained and outlines the steps to build and test the stage. This ensures that you will have a much better chance of success once you reach the last step, since you will have successfully built and tested each preceding stage before moving on to the next stage. If you are not experienced at soldering (and even if you are somewhat experienced at soldering), refer to Tom N0SS`s excellent tutorial on basic soldering techniques. For the more adventurous, there is a process using solder paste and an electric oven called the reflow process, which can be used to install all the SMT chips to one side of the PC Board. This is documented by Guenael Jouchet in the following Youtube segment: You will need a...

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