Video Signal Amplifier

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The circuit is a broad band amplifier which will take the video signals from your VCR and will amplify them sufficiently to drive up to 3 monitors, TV sets (provided that they can accept direct video signals), or other VCR ½s for recording from one video to up to three others. It will also make possible to record from one video to two others and at the same time

Video Signal Amplifier
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have a monitor connected to check what you are recording. The amplifier is also very useful if the video recorder is far from the monitor. The circuit uses five transistors and is a broad band amplifier with a bandwidth of 5 MHz. The signal is applied at points 1 and 2 (ground) and is taken through C1 to the first stage which is a preamplifier and is built around Q1. In the output of Q1 are DC coupled Q2, 3 which amplify the signal more, and as they are DC coupled to the preamplifier there is virtually no distortion and the amplification is quite high. Finally the signal from the out put Q3 is fed to the output transistors which are Q4 & Q5. These two transistors are complementary and the signal from their common emitters is taken to the signal distribution R-C network from where it is sent to the various devices which are driven by the circuit. The circuit needs a 12 VDC power supply and it is much better if it is a stabilised one like the circuit printed elsewhere in the instructions. First of all let us consider a few basics in building electronic circuits on a printed circuit board. The board is made of a thin insulating material clad with a thin layer of conductive copper that is shaped in such a way as to form the necessary conductors between the various components of the circuit. The use of a properly designed printed circuit board is very desirable as it speeds construction up considerably and reduces the...

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