Voltage-controlled cipher scheme of constant-current source of output high-power of bipolar

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The output current range of the parameter current regulator is little, the current regulator is not tall in precision; It is small to connect the feedback adjustment type output current of the current stabilized power source in series, efficiency is lower; The steady stream source of the switch not only the circuit is complicated, the components and parts are in large quantity,

Voltage-controlled cipher scheme of constant-current source of output high-power of bipolar
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but also it is great, with discrepancy reliability to output the ripple. In view of the above-mentioned shortcomings, originally design adopting ordinary operational amplifier, cooperate with the triode to expand the voltage and the electric current is expanded, having already achieved the goal of offering the big output current, and the circuit is simple in construction, the cost is lower, precision great. Fig. 1 is a functional block diagram originally designed, are input into the constant current module that the Operational Amplifier forms by the external control voltage signal. The electric current outputted offers to load after the voltage expands the module and electric current and expands the module. The electric current samples the electric current through sampling the resistance, the acquired sampling signal is feedbacked in the module of constant current to carry on constant current via the feedback system module of voltage. Among them is expanded the module and electric current to expand the module and supply power by the voltage of pair of module of the power. Choose the on the market commonly used switching power supply to expand the module and offer the output power to the electric current, with the interference elimination in the electric capacity of joining-up in parallel of its Ausgang. Because of requiring the bipolar output, can save the cost and reduce the volume to choose the switching power supply of...

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