ac Trouble with triac driven dimmer circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The triac should flip on and the light and it should be at nearly 100% brighness. However, this is not what`s happening. Itstead, the light doesn`t turn on at all. Can anyone explain why this might be If I change the gate to be always triggered (i. e. always voltage to the gate), the light turns on to 100% brightness as expected. Is it possible that the resistor sitting before the triac gate is too high (56 Ohms) I`m pretty new to this stuff,

ac Trouble with triac driven dimmer circuit
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so you`ll have to bear with me. Not sure what you mean by "net", but since IC1 has zero edge detection, does that mean I need to send the pulse to the IC1 (pin 1 & 2) before the zero cross actually happens Matt Mar 26 `12 at 20:26 @Kortuk After thinking about your comments a bit more, I think you`re asking how I got the zero cross. I left that part of the circuit out of the question to avoid confusion as it didn`t really have anything to do with it. I`m using another optocoupler to do that part and then feeding it`s output into the micro controller. Matt Mar 27 `12 at 2:44 @Kortuk The measurement was taken from a different part of the circuit (not shown in the schematic). I`m using another opto coupler as a zero cross detector to know when to push the signal high. Matt Mar 27 `12 at 16:01

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