adding vu meter to your computer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

From a SONY double tape decks with model number `SONY TC-W230` I have picked a nice LCD VU-meter. I have decided to add it to my computer tower case. the following steps explain how to do this. this is based on IC lablelled CXD1017 (impossible to find a datasheet) on the printed circuit it is easy to identify the connected wires (second photo redrectangle) so we can see: The first think that I have done is to look for the

adding vu meter to your computer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

schematic circuit of this HIFI equipment and after a long time I have filnally found the service manual. So the following photo shows the VU-Meter schematic diagram: The lapms used in the VU-Meter to lighten the LCD consume a lot of current this why they are powered by a symetric source -6V and 6V. I have decided to replace them with 4 white LEDS. Before I have decided to mount the VU-Meter I have decided to test it because I have picked it from salvaged audio equipement and I don`t know if it function or not. As my computer is connected the AUX input of my HI-FI system via RCA connectors I have to add an adaptor to convert the audio channel from jack connector of the computer sound card to RCA connectors going to the HI-FI system. this circuit is a simple parallel connexion between jack connector and RCA connectors.

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