alternating square pulse generator

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

4027 a dual JK flip flop that has independent clock, set, and reset inputs for each flip flop used in toggle, register, and control functions due to its features such as capability of driving two low power TTL loads, logic edge clocked flip flop design, logic swing independent of fanout, toggle rate of 3 MHz at 5 Vdc, supply voltage range of 3

alternating square pulse generator
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V to 6 V, protection of diodes on all inputs, noise immunity, and quiescent current of 2 nA at 5 Vdc. 4001 a quad 2-input NOR gate integrated circuit, generally characterized by small fluctuation in voltage supply, very high impedance, outputs that can sink and source, one output can drive up to 50 inputs, high speed gate propagation time, high frequency, and low power consumption. The generator functions without distortion when it reaches 100 KHz. The square pulses are produced when the selector switch S1 is turned ON, which matches the output of Q3 at pin 7. The 5V pulse line is applied to J1 input, the signal is fed to T-flip flop IC1A through S2 which creates pulses indicated at half of the duration time where pin 2 handles the division of pulse frequency. The pulses are applied to IC2 pin 14 and IC3A input. IC2 acts as decimal counter with decode outputs where each entry produces HIGH on one of the outputs. From the initial pulse entry, the output of Q1 becomes HIGH while others are LOW. The second pulse entry causes HIGH output on Q2, and third entry applies on Q3. The same operation occurs for the succeeding pulse line entry, since the counter checks the number of pulses that passes the generator output. The generator output stage is considered on levels where the driving stage of Q2 creates positive output voltage and the saturation of Q 3 in the cutoff region. Through the potentiometer, the signal is applied in...

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