analog to digital converter module

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Analog to Digital converter modules are used in Micro controller based projects where the analog signals are required to be converted into digital signal for further processing in Micro controller. The integrated chip used for this purpose is 0809 ADC. This post describe briefly the PIN diagram, block diagram and details of this specified chip her

analog to digital converter module
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e. The ADC totally consists of 28 pins with 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The output from the filter is given to pin 26 of ADC 0809 shown in the figure above. The address channels A, B, C are grounded so that channel 1 is enabled. The digitized output from the converter is given to port 0 of micro controller. The control signals from the ADC are given to port 2 of the Microcontroller. This circuit follows the principle of successive approximation method and when the start of conversion goes high, it marks the beginning of the process and high end of conversion marks the end of it. The two capaciors 10F and 100F acts as filter. The filter capacitors in the circuit remove the low and high frequency noises. The LED is used to check the proper functioning of the circuit.

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