app note high voltage led applications

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The applications described in this document are applications for driving high power LED diodes. The described circuits can be applied on other applications with similar circumstances as well, in case they fall within the specifications of the MLX10803. This is a conceptual description and in some case no component values are given. The application

app note high voltage led applications
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s described in this document have in most cases been implemented. Demonstration systems and components are available at Melexis. Please contact our closest sales office or representative to learn more It is not a trivial task to design for high voltage, great care must to be taken in respect for the high voltages involved. The examples given in this document have to be carefully designed and fabricated. Slight errors can have devastating results. These examples are not recommended for the inexperienced or untrained lay people, it is intended for electrical and electronic engineers with relevant training and experience designing and building high voltage circuits. The circuit board has to be design according to high voltage rules. Depending on the users The circuits described in this document have a very good efficiency, converting efficiencies up to 98-99% is to be expected! This makes the circuit design fairly simple in respect of thermal handling. Please remember that if you design lamps with up to 100 watt and more, even 1% loss generates 1 watt, and more of heat. Every kind of active current regulation generates ripple on the regulated output, this ripple can generate electromagnetic radiation (EMR), resulting in electromagnetic coupling to the surrounding electronic (EMC). The MLX10803 and the applications described in this document are designed to minimize EMR. Additional care has to be taken when designing the...

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