arduino Glacial Communications

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I built my own Lo-fi Arduino Guitar Pedal. I`m even using a similar enclosure work tossed out a couple of thinwire->twisted pair converters that I snapped up. I think the only major deviation is that mine only has one output at present- I could add a second later, though. I got to thinking last week that a digital delay wo

arduino Glacial Communications
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uld be an interesting idea I had no notion that this would compete with anything in the quality department- a very short, crunchy delay I just wanted to try it out. So I wrote a little program and originally used an array of 512 values, and cycled through them, while recording point i, and playing point (i+1) (with edge checks and things like that, of course) It turned out that 512 shorts of storage must have overflowed available program memory and caused general non-functionality. Changed the delay to 256 shorts. That at least got me up and running. And it gave me about a second of delay time kind of unexpected (that makes the sample rate, what, a few hundred Hertz ). It also doesn`t give a very accurate representation of the input. A test went something like this: snare (pause) krrrzzk. I`ve done plenty of quickie hand-scribbled schematics, and at some point some computer-assisted ones (hell, I have a degree in Computer Engineering, it came up once or twice ). So I decided for the Arduino sequencer, I should do a little schematic using recent tools. EAGLE now runs reasonably on OS X, and for noncommercial/evaluation things, the light version is free. I`ve represented the Arduino connections and various jacks (MIDI, 1/4 ³ for clock, etc. ) with the pinheader objects which don`t 100% correspond to the Arduino pin numbers. Note that for example, Arduino pin A0 is actually pin 1 of the ANALOG block here. Hopefully that`s not...

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