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Posted on Feb 4, 2014

In this circuit we demonstrate how to use SCRs to control low-voltage pulsating DC to operate homemade LED light panels. While in this circuit I use the Arduino, the concepts should work with any number of micro-controllers using either hardware interrupts or polling. We must use pulsating DC or the SCR won`t operate properly. See Basic SCRs/Triac

arduino scr
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s. In the main circuit diagram above transformer T1, D1, and D3 produce a positive going pulsating DC with a peak voltage of about 18 volts and a frequency of 120 Hertz. Diode D2 blocks the filtering effect of capacitor C2, which with U2 supplies positive five volts for the microcontroller. See Basic AC Rectification and Filtering The 4N25 opto-coupler provides a narrow 120 Hertz pulse at zero and 180 degrees of the sine wave. This pulse is fed to digital pin 2 (Dp2) of the controller to trigger an interrupt when the sine wave passes zero and 180 degrees. (There`s 360 degrees in a sine wave. ) See 4N25 Opto-Coupler (PDF file) CdS photocell R6 and R3 form a voltage divider. As light intensity increases the resistance of R6 decreases causing the voltage to rise at the junction of R3, R6, and analog to digital converter pin Ad0 on the controller. (R3 can be a 10k resistor, which is what I used. ) When read by the program this 10-bit AD converter will produce a value between 0 and 1023. This value is used in a delay routine to determines the firing point of the SCR. The longer the delay, the less power to the LED strings and less light output. See Using a CdS Photocells When the power on switch is pressed at Dp4 a 100 uSec. positive-going pulse is sent to the H11C6 opto-coupler through a 470 ohm resistor. This in turn fires the SCR at the desired time during the delay time 120 times per second. The H11C6 contains a LED light...

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