arduino switch controller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The heart of the switch controller is an Arduino Nano micro-controller - this is going to be the interface between the dashboard switches, wireless steering wheel buttons and the car`s lighting, indicators, windscreen wipers and DigiDash2 GPS stopwatch. This should make it easy to have self-cancelling indicators, intermittent wipe, auto wipe on wa

arduino switch controller
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sh, plus can use multiple button presses to choose sidelight/ headlight or wiper speeds - any logic you like, really since its all software controlled. Also removes the need for any electronic hazard flasher or ballast resistors with LED lights, as the MOSFET should handle it all. I`ve started on the wiring schematic for the controller - first time I`ve used MOSFETS, so should be interesting - any electronics enthusiasts please feel free to critique. Next step is to mount the voltage regulator and input/ output resistors on a stripboard and get the thing cased up, then put the transistors/ MOSFETS on a large heatsink that will attach beneath the scuttle somewhere and sort out the wiring mods to the Westield loom. downloads: 103 I realised that it would be easy to use low-side switching on the wiper motor as the ground is accessible - the circuit is simpler and high current N-channel MOSFET`s are cheap. I`m going to start testing the circuits and writing the code this weekend hopefully. If I find anything wrong, I`ll update the schematic in case anyone else plans to use it ;-) 29/12/13 Finally finished! I made a few changes to keep hazard and sidelight circuits working with the ignition off- the Arduino effectively just replaces the indicator switch and controls dipped and main beam relay. I also added a reed switch with single magnet on the steering column to cancel the indicators. So a single indicator press will switch on...

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