bidirectional dc motor driver schematic

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

DC motor driver circuit in the following circuit images can be used for DC motor drivers and can control the direction of rotation in two directions with a DC motor rotation speed can be set. Under the DC motor driver circuit is quite simple and is built with a voltage comparator circuit 741 IC Op-Amp and a pair of NPN and PNP transistor driver. D

bidirectional dc motor driver schematic
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C motor driver circuit in the following figures can be worked on a symmetrical voltage source ± 9 volt and 6-9 volt DC motor load. DC motor circuits in detail can be seen in the following circuit images. Simple DC motor driver circuit above can control the direction of rotary speed control of DC motors and DC motor rotation. Above DC motor driver consisting of the comparator and power a DC motor driver. Parts of comparator function is to provide control signals to the power transistor driver. At the time of the control voltage (pin 3) is higher than the voltage at pin 2 then the voltage comparator IC 741 IC 741 will provide the output voltage with a positive level, it will provide forward bias to reverse bias the transistor Q1 and the transistor Q2. then the voltage at pin 3 is lower than the voltage comparator IC pin 2 then gave the 741 will output a negative level, so that the transistor Q2 gets forward biased and reverse biased transistor Q1 gets. The transistor is used as a DC motor driver is a type TIP31 transistors for Q1 and Q2 TIP32 for. At the forward bias of Q1 and Q2 have the reverse bias the DC motors have a positive current source through Q1 so that the DC motor to move in a clockwise direction. Then at Q2 and Q1 gets the forward bias to reverse bias DC motors have a negative voltage source to a DC motor to move counter-clockwise. The size of the bias voltage on the base of Q1 and Q2 bidirectional DC motor...

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