buzzer circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The drive circuit is the basic drive, recently made a case, is the need 27mm passive piezoelectric buzzer sound over 100dB, and power consumption to as low as possible, due to product cost and structural size limitations, only with S8050, and N-channel transistor of the FET to drive the buzzer compound, while the effect is still not very satisfact

buzzer circuit diagram
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ory, mainly when the issue 110dB sound, operating current is too large, to 120mA. continue to debug in. Buzzer sound devices, also known as, signal Xiangqi, is a miniaturized electro-acoustic devices, according to the work of piezoelectric and electromagnetic theory into two broad categories. Piezoelectric buzzer made using piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics to be when the audio signal, the role of the inverse piezoelectric effect, the ceramic piece with the audio signal to the frequency of mechanical vibration, audible. The internal magnetic buzzer by the magnet, coil and diaphragm and other components, when the audio current flows through the coil, the coil produces a magnetic field, the same diaphragm Zeyi weekly audio signal moon is pull and release, resulting in mechanical vibration, and under the effect of cavity resonance audible. Although the volume of different sizes buzzer and specifications vary, but according to the type of can be categorized as active and passive buzzer buzzer two categories. "Active" with integrated internal buzzer, it does not require any external audio drive circuit, as long as Buzzer (especially micro-magnetic buzzer) is small, light weight, high sound pressure level, low energy consumption, long life and easy to use and can be widely used in instrumentation, alarm, micro communications, toys, household appliances and a variety of small electronic devices. Division I...

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