cd4047 based squarewave inverter oscillator

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This simple and cheap(but powerful) squarewave oscillator can give oscillation to any mosfet based inverter/ups. The circuit consists of one central I. C CD4047. I used HCF4047BE from ST microelectronics. This is an improved version of circuit spread over the internet of inverter by I. C 4047. This circuit has more efficiency than that one. Here the

cd4047 based squarewave inverter oscillator
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

MOSFET does not gets hot easily, and the Diodes IN4148 provides protection of the circuit in case of MOSFET leakage. A LED is added for easy diagnostics. Veroboard design of the circuit is given also, as we know, making PCBs is another dedicated work and we cannot make it in hurry. Inspite of that, veroboard gives same functionality in lesser time(though size becomes a little big. ) Don`t post your email or phone number in the comment box. Only put email address in the email field. Comments are moderated so it may take time for them to appear on the site. Offensive comments will be deleted. If this is a request for custom circuit, then use the wish a circuit form. i tried to design this circuits but i have replaced 3055 npn transister to N-channel IRF540 Mosfet, i have attached DVM on 220vac output of tranformer, it display only 20 volts, this point to be also noted that 1 mosfet also too hot & 2nd one is normal cool, i have sent the circuit diagram on your gmail add, plz chech it, n tell me how does it work normally. first of all thank you for this circuit and now i need your help. i am new to this field and i am going to design 50 Hz sine wave inverter and for that i need basic ideas so plz will you upload or send me the complete circuit for squarewave inverter. pls don, t use zener diode in Q1 and Q2 in series just attach 4. 7k resistor in Q1 and Q2 in series for protection just add zener diode after 4. 7K and ground...

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Kwishatse kefa   Oct 23, 2017

Hi, I have just used 4047 ic 12-0-12 and rfz44 purposely to produce 220ac for saloon blade but that inverter cannot run that machine.... So what to do more.

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