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Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The transmitter function is to modulate the original signal frequency of the signal carrying the message, the process is called modulation, the circuit realization of this function is called frequency modulation circuit. al of the circuit. FM tuner is divided into direct and indirect modulation types. Direct FM modulation signal is directly controlled from the oscillator circuit parameters and

circuit diagram download
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operating status, so the oscillation frequency by the modulation varactor diode frequency modulation, frequency modulation and relaxation reactance tube FM oscillators fall into this category. Klystron as the microwave frequency band commonly used devices. Integral circuit indirect FM is the modulation signal points so that the output amplitude is inversely proportional to the modulation angular frequency, then the phase modulation of the phase modulation device, then the output phase modulation is required for FM signals. FM has the advantage of an indirect carrier frequency is relatively stable, but more complex circuit, frequency shift is small, and large parasitic amplitude modulation, it normally takes several times to increase frequency to frequency shift. The basic requirements of the tuner is adjusted frequently move large frequency characteristics of a good, small parasitic amplitude modulation. Widely used in FM radio tuner, TV audio, microwave communications, phase-locked circuits and other electronic equipment Sweep. FM radio has a strong anti-interference performance, sound clarity, etc. , gained rapid development. FM radio frequency band is usually about 200 ~ 250kHz, the band width is ten times the number of AM radio, easy to send high-fidelity stereo signal. The amplitude by the bandwidth limitations, there is in the receiver passband width and interference conflicts, so the audio signal is limited to 30 ~...

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