clap sensor construction

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The clap sensor is a simple circuit that incorporates a PC microphone, a microcontroller, and an output. The following diagram shows the logical circuit design: I chose the ATtiny84 microcontroller for this project because I`m familiar with the AVRarchitecture and Ihave access to the tools to use it. I bought the ATtiny84 in its SOIC-14 packaging.

clap sensor construction
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

If Ihad it to do again then I`d choose the ATtiny85, which comes in a SOIC-8 package; it contains all the features Ineeded but takes up less space. It`s not a real problem though. The microphone connects to the circuit through a tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) jack. I chose the SJ1-3533N jack from CUI Inc. because it looks nice and has a small footprint on the circuit board. It breaks out the tip, ring and sleeve conductors on three pins on the bottom. The sleeve conductor is connected to ground, and the ring is connected to V+ through a 2. 2 k © resistor (without this resistor the microphone`s output signal is constant). The tip conductor carries the microphone`s output signal. The circuit`s 10 F capacitor filters the power input. The LED is for visual output. The LED`s current-limiting resistor value, in the diagram labeled 1. 5 k ©, depends on the LED. I used a low-current LED, so the resistance is quite high. The resistor value for other LEDs can be calculated with this tool, with the source voltage value set to the input voltage (5 Vin my circuit) and the diode voltage and current taken from the LED`s datasheet. The six-pin connector next to the ATtiny84 in the circuit diagram is for the in-system programmer(ISP), which is how code is loaded onto theATtiny84. I used Atmel`s AVRISPmkII to load code. The following diagram shows theISPpinout on the header: The ISP interface corresponds to a serial peripheral interface...

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