converting circuits to c

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Convert a feedforeward opamp PID loop to C code I am trying to do such a conversion and honestly, have no idea where to start. I can get all input values through an ADC, voltage, current, whatever, but coding a feedforeward PID is a little new to me. Any ideas Are you sure `PID` is the right tag for your questi

converting circuits to c
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on Its current description is exclusively about "process IDs". Perhaps your question could be made a bit more verbose. Kerrek SB Nov 15 `12 at 19:26 PID in this context is probably a proportional-integral-differential controller. And op-amp is an operational amplifier. So, as the title suggests, the question is somehow related to how to code up a simulation of an operational amplifier with a feed-forward loop in C. And it is sufficiently long since I last thought about these terms that I`ve not got a clue on how to go about solving the problem. Jonathan Leffler Nov 15 `12 at 19:39 @JonathanLeffler My first idea is simply making a function that sums a function, its derivative and its integral. Isn`t that a solution user529758 Nov 15 `12 at 19:43 @H2CO3: pass ” I`d need to think harder than I`ve thought in nearly 30 years about how op-amps are characterized, and we`d need to know how the feed-forward loop is connected, and. generally, we`d need a lot more information than we have. And then there`d be issues with how to code. There are whole languages for circuit simulation, though they may be more commonly for microchip work than this which I`d characterize as `macrochip` (or discrete devices rather than a chip at all). Jonathan Leffler Nov 15 `12 at 19:46 I think this is described first in "s-domain circuit analysis" and then the result can be discretised with eg. bilinear transform to z-domain. From that point on, the c...

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